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Pillar & Policy | PT Reach International (M) Sdn Bhd

Company Policy & Pillars

PT Reach International (M) Sdn Bhd is having the following 5 pillars as a fundamental policies of the company Strategy and Planning. These fundamental policies are very crucial to form a strong based for the company’s fundamental and it will be a guide for the management in any company’s decision and business activities.


PT Reach International’s business strategy are focusing on the following business plan and activities:

  • To bring only new and unique product to the market whereby no other competitor is having similar products.
  • To engage directly with the Principle as a sole distributor of their product in Malaysia.
  • To engage only with the products that have potential for current and future need. The products should be able to be in line with development of future technology and future need.
  • To be able to produce own products which is unique and can be marketed globally via having own Research & Development capabilities.
  • To develop own Brand “RENTAKA” which reflect the unique and futuristic products lines which no other similar product available in the global market.
  • Engage directly with GLC companies in Malaysia and develop capabilities to expand the solutions to regional countries in South East Asia and Asia.
  • The Company has engaged with most of GLC companies in Malaysia as their registered vendors and suppliers which gives the company opportunities to expand the business faster.
  • Leverage the good support by SME Corp, MTDC, PUMB, TERAJU, SME Bank, MATRADE, MITI and other government entities in term of finance and also expansion for export to other countries.
  • Having a good management team that has a good business strategy with the 5 pillars of company policies.